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Bama Bail Bonds is one of the oldest established bail companies in Mobile and the State having been in operation since 1985.

Originally located at the old Bankhead tunnel on Government St closest to the jail. Forward 30 years a new jail, new location, still the closest bail company to the jail and most convenient.

We are here because we do bail the right way. Old school, we promise you to do everything possible to avoid any further cost regarding your bail. We are not bounty hunters disguised as bail agents, but bail agents who have to occasionally bounty hunt.

Our commitment to seeing you through your unfortunate situation does not end when you walk out of jail.

*****Remember a bondsman is not a lawyer and any advice given by us should not be considered legal advice nor is intended to be. Also, any conversation between a Bondman and defendant is not protected. The only information we need is that which helps to assure your appearance in court.